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      We encourage everyone to become checklist creators and contribute to this website by adding your own checklists to share with others. We’ve written a ‘How to Create a Checklist‘ checklist to assist you too. You need to register with us and use our Add Checklist form to submit your checklist.

      As a thank you to you for submitting your checklist to us, we will, for free, promote your new checklist within 48 hours of your checklist being published on FacebookGoogle+StumbleUpon and Twitter.

      Remember that all website visitors will be allowed to leave comments and rate your checklist so make sure that your checklists are high quality ones so you get top star ratings from our readers!

      All we ask is that you adhere to our Checklist Rules found below which will make things easier for you and us resulting in good quality checklists being available and useful to all.

      Checklist Rules

      All Checklists must…

      • have a title which ends in ‘Checklist’
      • have a short paragraph intro as to what the checklist is must be included before the checklist details (at least 60 words)
      • contain at least 10 bullet-point items in the checklist
      • contain at least 500 words
      • be suitable for all ages so no swear words please
      • not have deeply nested lists (only two levels of bullet-points) are allowed
      • use good grammar and triple check spelling
      • be your own work and have original, accurate and factual contents – do NOT plagiarise
      • On submission:
        • include an image (dimensions 660 * 330 px), make sure that you do not violate any image copyright rules. images that are solely company logos will not be accepted
        • suggest at least 2 categories/tags for your checklist

      Don’t forget that…

      • multiple checklists of the same topic may be accepted as long as the checklist contains original content
      • you can link to other CheckListables checklists, even if they aren’t your own
      • If multiple third party/external links are found, these will be automatically removed
      • By submitting your checklist to us, you are automatically allowing us to promote your checklist through all printed and social media channels including: our blog, Facebook, Google+, Stumbleupon, Twitter and Pinterest.


      If a checklist is either found to be in breach of these above rules or reported to us via our forums and is found to be lacking, it will be immediately removed from public and you will be given the opportunity to correct the issue.

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