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Daily Twitter Task Checklist

Where did my daily twitter task checklist come from? When I first started learning about Twitter, I came across all sorts of actions and even a few debates. Do you automate your DM’s (direct messages) or not? And what software do you use to make your Twitter life easier? Every other day one Twitter app is here and the next it’s gone. When all is said and done it’s important understand the basic principles of Twitter. Twitter is available to add content, contribute to other people’s content and share – all for the purpose of growing a network of like-minded people. That being said, here are the core actions to take or not take when using twitter:

  • Log onto Twitter
  • Check DM’s (direct messages)
    • Validate those requesting validation
    • Respond to people sending a personal message (not automated)
    • Check out links to external websites, freebies if they look interesting
  • Check @ Mentions
    • Thank anyone for mentioning or retweeting one of my tweets
    • Respond to anyone striking up a conversation
  • Check Followers
    • Thank new followers for following
    • Follow new followers back
  • Check People I’m Following (and unfollow any people that are – up to 10% of my total list):
    • Not following me back
    • Writing in a foreign language
    • Not active
    • Spamming
  • Add New Followers (up to 10% of my total list)
  • Read Tweets and
    • Retweet anything my list might like
    • Favourite any tweets that are good or lead to good resources
    • Add people to lists when they tweet about information relevant to me (and my audience)
  • Read Tweets From Lists and
    • Retweet any relevant tweets

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  1. Fantastic Checklist…I have printed a copy and applying same when i tweet….Thumbs up!!!

  2. Great checklist Kim! This will work no matter what automation you use or don’t use! Thank you.

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