Embed checklist from on your own website

embed checklist feature

Embed your favourite checklist from We’ve just released a new feature!!  Look out for the ‘</> EMBED’ button now available on all Checklistables checklists.   This neat feature allows you to reference a checklist from your own website – all the website code needed to make it happen is pre-written for you!  The code will pull in the …

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The Top 10 Wedding Planning Checklists (Part 1)

Top 10 Wedding Planning Checklists Part One

The Top 10 Wedding Planning Checklists (Part 1) Congratulations on getting engaged! (Or is it imminent?!) The following list of wedding checklists will help you get started down your exciting journey from engagement to marriage. At first, it’s all about telling friends and family in addition to nonchalantly waving your ring around. And of course, you’ll have to practice saying the …

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Creating a Daily To Do List using a Checklist

Daily To Do List

For as long as I can remember I’ve created a daily to do list. Every morning I sit down to my coffee, read a bit, organize my thoughts and over the course of an hour or so create a full page of things to do. Over the years my daily to do list has evolved. When I first started my …

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Milestone: 50 checklists so far

milestone: fifty

Kim and I would like to thank everyone for their checklist suggestions over the last three months and to all the CheckListables creators that have helped us get to our milestone of having fifty quality checklists. Wohoo! We’re off to a great start and now looking to at least double the number of checklists to one hundred in half the time it …

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Check out the contents of our online shop!

online CheckListables store

Exciting times for Kim and I. We just launched our online shop at which is … surprise, surprise, … going to contain all sorts of checklist related products. We would love to hear from you as to what you would like to see in our online store as we’ve just started with a few checklist and to-do pad products to begin …

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one month on from website launch


Since coming up with the concept in mid June and launching in the same month. Kim and I have managed to publish over 20 checklists between the two of us and we’re hoping that we are simply paving the way for other checklist creators to join in and publish their checklists here too. We’ve also been busy getting the word …

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Calling all checklist lovers!

checklist lovers

Do you love checklists? Ever wanted to create a checklist and share it with the world? Now you can here at We love quality written checklists. It’s free, so sign up now to create your own checklist and become a checklist lover!

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