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Email Newsletter Sending Checklist

Email Newsletter Checklist

Here’s how to get the best results with your email newsletters! Whether you have a list of 20 clients or a database of thousands, it’s important to communicate with your list on a routine basis. The more you communicate the warmer the list will become and the warmer the list the larger the service and profit potential. This email newsletter …

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The Top 10 Wedding Planning Checklists (Part 1)

Top 10 Wedding Planning Checklists Part One

The Top 10 Wedding Planning Checklists (Part 1) Congratulations on getting engaged! (Or is it imminent?!) The following list of wedding checklists will help you get started down your exciting journey from engagement to marriage. At first, it’s all about telling friends and family in addition to nonchalantly waving your ring around. And of course, you’ll have to practice saying the …

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Pressure Cooker Checklist – Using it for the first time

Pressure Cooker Checklist

Earlier this year we moved from living in a house on land to living in a boat on the sea. One of the top tips that live aboard boaties mention over and over is to buy ourselves a very good pressure cooker. Apparently, they use less energy, cook food much quicker and preserve more nutrients. That being said, my husband …

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27 Days to No Broke Monts

How to Believe in Yourself “Real Estate Evolution – The Ten Step Guide to Consistent and Predictable Income” will help you believe in yourself. 2 Lifelines per month The Death of Potential – Why 87% of Real Estate Agents Quit – 17 Classes CPI Coaching Corner – Ask Dan Any Question Weekly I Do – We Do – You Do …

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