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Sharing Checklists

Embed a checklist into your website

You’re welcome to use our embed feature allows you to have a CheckListables.com checklist referenced automatically from your own website. The advantages are:
  1. Share and provide your website visitors with the latest version of the checklist template without lifting a finger
  2. Creates an ‘outbound’ link on your website which could improve your SEO
How? It’s simple:
  1. Search for the checklist that you want to embed into your website
  2. Click on the embed button (< >) on the top right of the checklist (just below it’s title)
  3. Customise the design – choose the max. width (default 600px) and border colour
  4. Copy and paste the generated HTML code into your chosen website page

And voila! you’re all done.

How can I share a checklist?

You can share all and any checklists that you see on CheckListables.com. There are three popular options:

Option 1 – Embed into your website

When viewing the checklist, click on the EMBED button and copy and paste the code into your website. this will ensure that your website will always show the latest checklist content. That’s one less thing that you have to worry about maintaining!

Option 2 – Social Sharing

When viewing the checklist, scroll to the bottom to see the Share options and click on the social icon to share the checklist with your friends, family and acquaintances.

Available social icons are: Twitter, Google+, Facebook, StumbleUpon,  LinkedIn, and Pinterst.

Option 3 – Good old fashion Print!

When viewing the checklist that you want to print, scroll to the bottom and click on the ‘Print this Checklist’ link. Preview the checklist page that appears (it automatically removes all the non-checklist items) and click on ‘Print’ in the bottom right corner.