one month on from website launch

newsSince coming up with the concept in mid June and launching in the same month. Kim and I have managed to publish over 20 checklists between the two of us and we’re hoping that we are simply paving the way for other checklist creators to join in and publish their checklists here too. We’ve also been busy getting the word out via social media (Kim’s expertise) and tweaking (that’s me) the website as we use it and from feedback from others.

If you’re wondering what our focus for August is, the answer is that we are busy trying to encourage others to become creators and share their checklists with the world – helping us all to become that tiny bit more organised and our goal is to have at least 10 checklists written by new creators by the end of this month. Please help us smash that goal!

We believe that there are two types of checklist creators – individuals and businesses.  Individuals could have been through an experience which resulted in a checklist being created. Perfect! Now it’s time to share it with others. Mine was hiking for the first time ever! If you’re a business, the perfect checklist could complement your business and as an incentive, you get to link back to your website as well as promote your good self too. That’s what Gary, our first CheckListables creator, did when he published ‘Develop a Board Game‘ for his company Green Board Games.

So go on, become a CheckListables creator – you know you want to. 😉

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