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Calving Checklist

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Written by Amanda Radke in BEEF Daily and reproduced here. Get ready for the calving season by being all prepared beforehand with this Calving Checklist.

  • Ear tags.
  • Markers.
  • Tagger (and a spare).
  • Calving book for record-keeping.
  • A list for when everything is due and what they are bred to.
  • The veterinarian’s number on speed dial.
  • Milk tuber.
  • Pitcher to milk the cow with.
  • Calf boost.
  • Syringe.
  • Scour pills.
  • Bolus gun.
  • Duct tape or ear muffs of some sort to pin ears down on cold nights.
  • Sled with ropes to pull calves out of the snow and to the barn.
  • Calf catch.
  • Scale and sling for weighing the calf.
  • Calf puller and chains.
  • Lasso.
  • Halter.
  • Plastic gloves.
  • Milk replacer.
  • A sedative of sorts for the occasional surly cow that needs milking out.
  • A list of potential culls based on poor udders, bad dispositions, tough calving, old age, etc.
  • Sorting sticks.
  • Square bales for bedding and feed when the pairs are in the barn.
  • Coveralls, gloves, hats, boots, long johns, wool socks, etc.
  • A hot box, heater or place in the basement bath tub for cold calves.
  • Clean towels.

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