Ten things that require zero talent checklist

zero talent

Zero talent! I couldn’t resist taking a snapshot of this post-it note found on a colleague’s door that listed ten things that require zero talent but could make a huge difference at work. Hopefully you agree with the contents of the list which has taken a bit of a liberty with expounding on the items on the post-it note. No …

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Normal Labor and Birth Checklist

If you are planning to have a baby, use this checklist to start yourself off on the right foot to having a normal birth. Assume your birth is normal unless proven otherwise. Choose a caregiver that supports birth as normal, natural, and healthy. Doctors are trained in fixing problems, so for a normal birth, sometimes they are not the best …

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Herramientas para impresión 3d

Estos son los pasos que te recomendamos para facilitar tus impresiones 3d. Revisar tu conexión eléctrica Revisar la conexión CPU-i3d (impresora 3d) USB – WiFi Revisar los ejes de la impresora (Home Axes – Jogg Mode) Calibra tu impresora Revisa que el filamento salga correctamente Carga el archivo en la i3d Ajusta los settings Previsualiza la impresión Manda a imprimir Revisa …

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Cleaning Visit Completion Checklist

cleaning visit completion checklist

For those that have a cleaner come and help keep your place clean and tidy here’s a generic Cleaning Visit Completion Checklist that will ensure that their quality of work remains consistent. Especially useful as a reference list if the cleaning staff changes from time to time due to holiday cover or staff turnover. Use our other cleaning checklists to make sure that the …

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Choosing The Right Packaging Material Checklist

Packaging Material

Packaging is an art and to master this art you need right set of skills and off course packaging materials. It happens with almost every individual sometimes that packaged items suffer from wear and tear while transportation due to the wrong selection made whilst choosing packaging material. Another important thing to consider is the method you are using to pack …

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